Women Of The Former Soviet Union

Women of the former Soviet Union (FSU) rate high on a list of desirable characteristics one looks for in a female partner. Regardless if you meet these girls in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States or Central Asia, you will generally find a similar traits amongst the women.

Some of these more favorable characteristics include:

  1. Genuine humility
    Women of the Former Soviet Union are, more often than not, humble and quite approachable.
  2. Gorgeous figures
    Many men comment that most Russian/Ukrainian women look like supermodels. Truth is, there are beautiful women all over the world. Problem with girls in the west, in Latin America, etc. is that these beautiful women are disguised under extra pounds of unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Bad habits of the west haven't, as of yet, seemed to catch up with Russian and Ukrainian girls. For one, there is much more fierce competition amongst females to find a decent mate (thus the motivation to stay fit). Second, traditional family values are much more common in the Former Soviet Union. This means girls still know how to cook healthy, wholesome meals from scratch, and rely less on prepackaged, precooked garbage.
  3. Intelligence
    While not all men look for intelligence, the vast majority of us find it very attractive. Much can be said on the failures of the former socialist regime, but one thing that worked, and is still left over to this day, is a highly educated society. Many girls of the former Soviet Union have a higher education and are well read. A very nice characteristic if you are looking for more than a one-night stand.
  4. Warmth towards western men
    While women of the Former Soviet Union still respect strong, confident men who are a good providers, they also admire western men for their more "liberal" approach in a relationship. They appreciate men who will help with the meals and dishes from time to time, who are less threatened by her independence and career ambitions, who drink less, don't smoke, and are less likely to be unfaithful.

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