Top 10 Sexy Weather Girl pics

Watch the news lately? Notice how hot the weather girl was? No matter what country, region, state, province or city you are in, chances are your news channel has a sexy weather girl. Coincidence? Not really considering news broadcasts are competing for viewers too. And everyone knows, sex sells.

To prove our point, and show how something as dull in the weather can be turned into a few pleasurable minutes of entertainment, we've put together a Top 10 video gallery of the world's sexiest weather girls.

Polish weather girl Magdalena Michniak

Magda Michniak

Polish weather girl

Cynthia Rachid pronóstico del tiempo

Cynthia Rachid

Argentinian weather girl

Slovakian weather girl Lenka Vavrinčiková

Lenka Vavrinčiková

Slovakian weather girl

Korean weather girl Eun-Ji Park 박은지

Eun-Ji Park 박은지

South Korean weather girl

Russian weather girl Kristina Belous

Kristina Belous

Russian weather girl

German weather girl Andrea Kempter

Andrea Kempter

German weather forcaster and television presenter

Jackie Johnson weather forecaster

Jackie Johnson

Weather forecaster originating from the state of Michigan

Mexican weather girl Mayte Carranco

Mayte Carranco

Mexican weather girl

French weather girl Cali Morales

Cali Morales

French weather forecaster and lingerie model

Italian weather girl Gabriela Grechi

Gabriela Grechi

Italian weather girl, actress and television personality


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