Top 10 Sexy Female Tattoos

Hollywood women have become a showpiece for sexy female tattoos. Certain beautiful celebrities have broken the tattoo taboo, proving that women can be "bad girls" and maintain their sexy femininity at the same time. Most guys, after all, are quite turned on by the sight of small, sexy tattoos in erotic locations like a girl's back, on her hip or near her bikini line.

To showcase some of the unique tattoos adorned by famous celebrity women, we've compiled a Top 10 photo gallery of the most sexy female tattoos.

Pamela Anderson tattoo

Pamela Anderson

Canadian Actress

Pamela Anderson nude Canadian girl Pamela Anderson
Anna Kournikova tattoo

Anna Kournikova

Russian Tennis Player

sexy tattoo Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova yellow bikini

Nicole Narain sexy tattoo

Nicole Narain

Hip Hop Model from Illinois

Nicole Narain picture Nicole Narain tattoo
Gloria Velez photo

Gloria Velez

Hip Hop Model from New York

Gloria Velez pic Gloria Velez fotografia
Esha Deol sexy tattoo

Esha Deol

Bollywood Actress

Esha Deol breast tattoo Esha Deol sunburst tattoo

Alyssa Milano tattoo

Alyssa Milano

Actress originating from New York

Alyssa Milano tatuaje Alyssa Milano tatuaggio
Tila Tequila tattoo

Tila Tequila

Vietnamese-American model and television personality

Tila Tequila foto Tila Tequila Nguyen
Marina Abrosimova tattoo

Marina Abrosimova

Russian pop rock singer known under the stage name MakSim

Marina Abrosimova picture Marina Abrosimova fotka

hot Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Californian actress

Angelina Jolie tattoos Angelina Jolie leather pants
Megan Fox tattoo

Megan Fox

Tennessee born actress

sexy tattoo Megan Fox Tennessee girl Megan Fox


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