Sexy Female Stars - Top 10 Lists

Who are the most sexy female stars in the media? We're talking about the most famous female models, pop stars, actresses and athletes on TV and the Hollywood screen. You may have your own opinion. To see our pics, select a Top 10 list of sexy female stars below.

sexiest female model

Top 10 Sexiest Female Models

Check out our compilation of the hottest female models from around the globe.

hottest sports woman

Top 10 Hottest Women of Sports

Pics of the world's most beautiful female athletes.


female tennis player

Top 10 Female Tennis Players

Since so many hot female athletes are tennis players, we decided to create a category unto itself.

Madonna eighties

Top 10 Sexy Female Pop Stars

You have to be talented and beautiful to make it in the pop music charts. Who are the most sexy pop stars of all time? Click to see our Top pics.

female country singer Faith Hill

Top 10 Sexy Female Country Singers

Like the pop music industry, female country singers have to be artistic and beautiful. Check out our choice for the 10 sexiest women in Nashville.


Yulia Savicheva photograph

Top 10 International Female Musicians

Here are 10 gorgeous women who are widely popular in the (non-English) music charts of their respective country.

sexiest Hollywood woman

Top 10 Sexiest Women in Hollywood

Who are the most sexy women in Hollywood? Click to see our choice of the 10 sexiest women in Tinseltown.



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