Sexy Female Bodies

Sexy female bodies are comprised of a number of physical features. In general, keys to a sexy body include a girl's breasts, legs, butt and abs. Ladies go through great lengths to shape and tone their sexy "assets", and in some cases go through cosmetic surgery to enhance these body parts. In rarer cases, famous models, singers and actresses will even insure their legs for millions of dollars. Just a few women with "million dollar" legs include the likes of Brooke Shields, Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum.

If you want to take a tour of sexy female bodies, click on any picture below to see a corresponding gallery of Top 10 photographs and videos.

beautiful breasts

Top 10 Beautiful Busts

Celebrity women with the most beautiful breasts.

Audrina Patridge foto

Top 10 Sexy Legs

Pics of the sexiest celebrity legs from the likes of actresses, female athletes, models and musicians.


Holly Weber beautiful butt

Top 10 Beautiful Butts

Which woman has the perfect behind? Find out in our compilation of the world's most beautiful booty.

Jamie Eason sexy abs

Top 10 Sexy Abs

Pics of the sexiest abs from some of the hardest female bodies in the world.


sexy tattoo

Top 10 Sexy Tattoos

Gallery of "bad girl" celebrities with sexy tattoos.



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