World's Most Sexy Female Abs

A fit woman with sexy female abs is a turn on for almost any man. When picking a mate, who doesn't look for (consciously or unconsciously) a woman with a hard body and nicely toned abs. Women with tight tummies, after all, give you the impression of self esteem and a hard work ethic and that in itself is a sexy characteristic in a woman. To pay tribute to sexy female abs, we've created a photo gallery of the sexiest tight tummies in the world. We've selected pics of 10 famous women with unbelievably sexy, toned abs.

Paula Garces abs

Paula Garces

Colombian film and TV actress

Paula Garces abs bikini Paula Garces abs dance
Elisha Cuthbert abs

Elisha Cuthbert

Canadian film and television actress

Elisha Cuthbert fotografia Elisha Cuthbert image

Gina Carano abs

Gina Carano

MMA fighter originating from Texas

Gina Carano picture Texas girl Gina Carano
Halle Berry sexy abs

Halle Berry

Hollywood actress from Ohio

Halle Berry hard body Halle Berry sexy body
Monica Brant fitness model

Monica Brant

Fitness competitor from Texas

Monica Brant foto Monica Brant photograph

Nicky Whelan photo

Nicky Whelan

Australian actress and model

Nicky Whelan pic Nicky Whelan sexy abs
Jenna Pietersen sexy abs

Jenna Pietersen

South African model

South African woman Jenna Pietersen Jenna Pietersen foto
Jelena Abbou photograph

Jelena Abbou

Serbian figure competitor

Jelena Abbou sexy abs Jelena Abbou Djordjevic

Melissa Hall abs

Melissa Hall

Fitness model from Minnesota

Melissa Hall Oxygen magazine cover Melissa Hall pink bikini
Jamie Eason sexy abs

Jamie Eason

Fitness model and writer from Texas

Jamie Eason hard body Jamie Eason picture


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