Sexiest Women - Top 10 Lists

Who are the world's sexiest women? It all depends on who you ask. Some men like Latinas, others prefer Russian, Asian, Black or East Indian girls. Some men have a preference for blondes, brunettes or red heads. Despite your preference, we have a Top 10 List which suits your liking. Check out each list to find the hottest women, plus their pics, videos and bio's.

sexy Russian girl

Top 10 Russians

The most beautiful Russian women originating from the former Soviet Union.

sexy Latina girl

Top 10 Latinas

Sexiest Hispanic women with roots from Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


Sung-Hi Lee sexy Korean girl

Top 10 Asians

Our compilation of the sexiest East Asian women from China to the Philippines.

sexy Black girl

Top 10 Black Women

Most beautiful ebony women from Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and around the world.

Celina Jaitley sexy East Indian woman

Top 10 East Indian Women

World's most sexy women from Bollywood and South Asia.


Reese Witherspoon chica rubia

Top 10 Blondes

Who are the world's sexiest blondes? Opinions differ, but here's our Top 10 compilation.

sexy Brunette girl

Top 10 Brunettes

Check out our pics of the world's sexiest brunette women.

sexy redhead Marcia Cross

Top 10 Redhead

The sexiest redhead women from around the globe.



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