Male Fantasy - Themes & Locations

What's the ultimate male fantasy? For some men it involves role playing with a French maid, secretary, teacher or cheerleader. For others it involves a sexy girl in an arousing location like the beach or in the back seat of a car. Regardless of your male fantasy, you can find pics of intimate themes and locations below. Just click on a photo of your favorite sexual fantasy to see a corresponding gallery of Top 10 photographs and videos.

sexy cheerleader

Top 10 Cheerleaders & Sports Girls

Pics and videos of the sexiest cheerleaders from the world of sport.

sexy weather girl

Top 10 Sexy Weather Girls

Check out ten of the hottest weather girls from beautiful women around the world.


beach babe

Top 10 Beach Babes

Top pics and videos of famous beach babes and sunbathing beauties.

Tina Hobley as nurse Chrissie Williams

Top 10 Sexy TV Nurses

Male fantasy gallery of sexy celebrity nurses.

Danica Patrick pic

Top 10 Chicks and Cars

Pics the hottest women posing with some of the finest hot rods in the world.


sexy girlfriends

Top 10 Sexy Girlfriends

Every guy dreams about two girls right? To pay tribute to this male fantasy, we've compiled a gallery of sexy celebrity women filmed with their female partners.

superhero Black Widow

Top 10 Female Superheroes

Pics and videos of sexy female superheroes from comic inspired film and TV.

supervillain Poison Ivy

Top 10 Female Supervillains

Pics and videos of sexy female supervillains from comic inspired film and TV.



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