Asian Romance Tours

Are you interested in Asian romance tours? The oldest and most established company offering romantic singles tours to Asia is A Foreign Affair. With AFA tours you can find dating tours to destinations including  China (Shenzhen, Changsha, Chongqing), Thailand (Bangkok), and the Philippines (Cebu, Davao).

Asian romance tours generally include airport pick-up, prearranged hotels, interpreters, as well as the much anticipated social events. Social events are great opportunity to meet dozens of beautiful single ladies. In addition to the food and drinks, music and beautiful Asian girls, dating tour organizers always provide open-minded interpreters who are on hand to facilitate communication with those Asian ladies who speak little English.

The Good and the Bad of Asian Romance Tours

The benefit of social events is they give men the opportunity to select their favorite girls, and invite them on dates over the following days. Asian romance tour staff will help arrange trips to local sites, so you can enjoy learning of the culture in a fun and romantic setting.

For some men, the high cost of an Asian dating tour is a deterrent. While it’s true they are quite expensive, it all depends how you value your time and peace of mind. Many men are limited by the days or weeks on their calendar. In this case, having your arrangements laid out (right down to date night) is an invaluable benefit. For other men (particularly North American men), stepping into a foreign land with foreign customs and a foreign language can be an intimidating thought. Having an organization to support you (interpreters, drivers, accommodations), can be very comforting, not to mention much more secure to both your well-being and pocket book. Just imagine, there are gold-diggers everywhere you go, so having someone to watch your back can give you advice on how to avoid local pit-falls, is worth the price unto itself.

Where To Go?

When deciding which Asian romance tour to choose, you must keep in mind some distinct differences between countries. Amongst your options of organized Asian dating tours, you will have the option of China, Thailand and the Philippines. The latter is unique in that many Filipina girls speak English as a second language. This makes post social event interactions much easier. For Chinese and Thai dating tours, on the other hand, you will be much more dependent on the aid of translators to facilitate chat with your date. For some men this may be more challenging and more fun. For others, the language barrier may be more of a deterrent. Another distinct difference, particularly with Chinese women, as opposed to Thai a Filipino girls, is affluence. Chinese girls who look for Western men are generally from middle income families. This means that they are much more selective in terms of both economic status and age of their potential partners. While this offers a challenge, it is also a benefit for serious minded men who also set their standards at a higher level.

Do-It-Yourself Asian Dating Tours

If you are a little more independent and have more time on your hands, then planning your own personal romance tour is well worth the effort and can significantly reduce the expense. Plus, to be fair, if you are serious about finding an Asian bride, then you will need to commit more than a week or two. If you are really dedicated, think about renting an apartment and staying up to 6 months. It’s really not that hard if you have some savings or a location independent job. Cost of living, after all, is significantly less expensive than life in the west, and you can still gain all the benefits of an Asian romance tour by consulting with a local Asian dating guide from an online dating resource.

Recommended Asian Dating Destinations


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